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Grave Neutral Sticker Sheet

Grave Neutral Sticker Sheet

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Grave Neutral Sticker Sheet


Grave Neutral is a phrase that a couple friends came up with while pedaling their bikes across the state of Oregon on a route called the Oregon Outback. Do good so you can do bad. Ride your bike all day so you can eat queso and drink beer. Yin and Yang. Don't head towards the grave but don't head away from it either. Grave Neutral.

About Stickers:

Handmade Stickers. Designed, printed and shipped with love from our sticker shop.

Perfect for your water bottles, helmets, hard hats, laptops or anything else you think needs to be stickered up.  Seriously, anything.

• Size: 8in x 10in 
• Order includes one (1) sticker sheet printed and laminated with high quality vinyl.
• Sticker Sheet it cut into eight (8) individual "Grave Neutral" stickers
UV  Gloss lamination provides:
○ Weatherproof
○ Waterproof
○ Scratch Proof
○ Indoor or Outdoor use
○ Dishwasher safe

Our stickers are made to last around 5 years or over 2,000 days of sun, blizzards, typhoons, hurricanes, tornados, floods, or hail storms without peeling, cracking, or fading.