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Stickers decode your personality

How many times have you found yourself examining people's laptop stickers or the stickers that grace their hydration vessels or even the stickers on the back of car windows. I find myself doing it every time I'm in a coffee shop, or airport terminal or while I'm driving (especially when I'm driving).
The stickers people choose to display are more telling about personality than you realize. Those who would normally keep their political or religious opinions to themselves will literally scream those same opinions on stickers they display. It's extremely telling to what side of the aisle you stand on without ever having to say a word.
What about your favorite sports team? You easily meet friends when you notice someone with the same sports team sticker. While I'd prefer I didn't get cut off on the freeway, I will let it ride if you've got a Los Angeles Lakers sticker displayed. 
Are you a coffee fiend and "must have Coffee first '' or do you prefer afterwork libations "Gets Dirty at Beer Thirty". Perhaps you're really into trains and a "catch me chugging" sticker suits you or you're a disc golf fanatic and you're rocking a "Chain Gang" sticker. 
Most importantly, stickers are a great way to promote your brand or business because your friends want to support you and this is the easiest way for them to do it. 
The stickers you display to the world are your flare and people are trying to figure you out. 
My hydration vessel says "This guy Loves Tacos WAY too much!"
What stickers do you associate with?
-Will Mattox